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Storage Data

We record all grading data to the exact kilogram, all grading lines are fitted with individual weigh cells to ensure transparency of operation and totally accurate grading results.

Storage data is available on line to our clients - each of whom are given an individual and confidential Log-in to view their storage, grading and handling data.

Preva Snetterton

Storage & Handling

Preva Produce of Norfolk has some of the most extensive potato storage capacity in East Anglia. With a comprehensive range of facilities we can offer the following options:

•  Cold Storage - Box: CIPC free

•  Cold Storage - Box: with CIPC

•  Ambient Storage - Box: with CIPC

•  Ambient Storage - Box: without CIPC

•  Ambient Bulk Storage - On the floor:  with CIPC

•  Ambient Bulk Storage - On the floor: with Humidification

We can tailor an individual programme to meet the storage requirements for almost any customer requirements.

We have a full portfolio of equipment for handling potatoes into and out of storage, whether in boxes, bulker or tractor & trailer.

Full Grading Service

Preva can offer a full grading service with two new grading lines capable of handling all formats.

With grading screens all the major size split options and many of the specialist or bespoke size splits we can ensure accurate grading of any potato crop from specialist baby salads through to ware with high baker contents.

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