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Why a Jazzy car?

At Preva we're really proud of our versatile little Jazzy potatoes. This small set-skinned variety with an appetising appearance is available to buy at Asda.

Jazzy potatoes can be crushed, steamed, roasted or boiled and served with all manner of tasty meals, so why not give them a try?

Racing using the Jazzy colours and logo is a celebration of this great little potato

and will hopefully let more people know about this handy store-cupboard staple.

Check out the tasty Jazzy potato at

For further information please contact:-

Preva Produce on: 0044 1362 684300,

E-mail us at:

Preva’s Ian Anderson was at Brands Hatch with the Jazzy car on 8th May for the next round of the GT Cup GTA championship. Here is a real time video of the last lap of the qualifying round – hold on to your seats!

Jazzy Pack



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Competing in the striking ‘Jazzy’ car, decked out in the vibrant colours that reflect the packaging of our popular Jazzy potatoes, the pair gained first and second positions in their races.

Following his first place triumph in the GTA category, Ian described himself as “Beyond happy, I’m lost for words”, especially as he was “new to the championship”. Read more about his exciting race at:

Amanda was also thrilled with her second

place success, as described in her blog at

The Jazzy Ginetta G55 performed well, supported by Lifetime Racing, and Ian and Amanda are looking forward to future rounds and the culmination of the competition at Snetterton in October.

You've seen the car now try the potatoes, check out

Preva’s Ian Anderson and driving partner Amanda Black, enjoyed great success in the GTA class of the recent GT Cup rounds at Donington Park.

Jazzy Pack

GT Cup GTA pole - Brands Hatch 2016 - Jazzy Lifetime Ginetta G55 from Anders on Vimeo.

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