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Potato Plants

During the 2011 season, a completely portable, inflatable potato storage unit has been developed and successfully put to use, providing a low cost, short-term solution for the crop. Potatoes are able to be stored for up to eight weeks at their point of harvest in conditions that replicate permanent, more expensive units.

Named the Airstore, this innovative design is produced using a specialist, "20-year life" fabric developed by Lindstrand Technologies Ltd (UK leader in pneumatic structures). The structure is designed in modules, with main body sections of 10m in length, which can easily be joined to the required size, with a main and a personnel door appropriately placed. Two ventilation options are available, overhead for box storage and perforated surface level laterals for bulk stores, supplied by Welvent Ltd.

The Airstore can be erected in a day, with minimal equipment, and once 4-6 people have put the initial modules in place for inflation, only 2 are required to secure the self-supporting structure. Suitable for use on any firm, level surface, the unit will not normally require planning permission due to its short-term usage.

This exciting partnership is set to change the way in which potatoes are stored in the short term, whilst reducing road haulage, the need for little used permanent structures and therefore very importantly, costs.

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Airstore provides a low cost, short-term solution for your crop storage

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Potato storage has entered a new era, thanks to a joint innovation by Preva Produce Ltd of Foulsham, Norfolk, LambWeston Meijer and Lindstrand Technologies Ltd.