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Miss Blush Product Range

Pack Description

Miss Blush Red carton 35/42mm.

Available year-round, this tasty and versatile gourmet potato.

Red carton

Miss Blush

Preva Produce is pleased to present our well-received gourmet potato - the tasty and versatile Miss Blush.

This great all-rounder certainly fits the description "apple of the earth" - a literal translation of the French for potato, pomme de terre. With its glowing red skin and delicious taste, it's the perfect choice for a whole range of potato dishes.


Preva Produce is introducing a flush of colour into the potato market with a new variety named Miss Blush.

This red and white potato is grown in Norfolk and packed at Preva's high-tech packing facility in Snetterton.

It has a rosy skin, creamy white flesh and delicate flavour, and is best served steamed to retain its interesting colour.

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